Den Ivanov

DevOps, IT-Manager, Developer & Bachelor of Business Administration


Phone: +47 987 70 410, +790 444 000 30


About Me

Hi, my name’s Den and I’m an DevOps & IT-Manager.

I am most skilled in: Linux, Bash, Web (Javascript/HTML/CSS), PHP, Python, Cryptocurrencies, Blogging, Management, Hardware development, and Eating Pizza

I’m opensource software developer, cryptoblogger, photographer, and electric vehicles expert.

I am an open-minded, ready to learn and to do person, always looking at alternative solutions that helps to create innovative, eco-friendly and people-ish things. And I believe that knowledge belongs to each of us and to all of us, to whole humanity!

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Institute of Management, Business and Law


2009 - 2013

IoMBL is private international university well-know in the south of Russia.

It’s a place where I studied infotech sciences along with business modeling, management and control.

CESTE Business School

Bachelor of Business Administration

2010 - 2012

CESTE international business school is located in Zaragoza, Spain

I’ve studied CESTE BBA for three years, having thesis in English.


Lady, LTD


2010 - Present

I worked with making internal infrastructure of "Steering Lady" magazine along with creating and supporting multiple versions of their official website. On some events I also worked as an event photographer.

Osnova, LTD

Network System Administrator

September 2012 - 2016

Managing local network, converting office from win* to nix*, updating hardware as needed, configuring Panasonic ATS solution etc.


IT-Manager, Project coordinator

June 2017 - 2018

Building several mining farms in Rostov-on-Don for private clients. Experience with server and GPU hardware. Developing own remote check & control solutions. developing.

My projects

SOFTWARE — Coding skills

I'm mostly universal coder, but I prefer web technologies and multiplatform coding.

Linux, Bash, PHP, HTML(5)/CSS, Perl, Python, automation scripts (crawlers/scrapers/mirroring/downloading), applications, C/C++.

SOFTWARE — Operating system development

Tooking part in development & developing systems on my own

I’ve participated in new operating system development projects and took part in more than 10 opensource operating systems, alongside with mostly hundred of opensource software (programs). There’s my article on liveboot linux flash.

MULTIMEDIA — Creating stuff

Worked more than 10 years as a event photographer - and I did traveled alot with my Canon 40D and now Canon M.

I’m creating all kinds of multimedia content: photos, videos, presentations, texts… Along with being an photographer, I have a video experience videos (from livestreaming to making clips & recording desktop sessions). Creating, editing, working with multimedia (audio, images, video, text, streams). Photocameras are my favoutire tools - I make a lot of photos and videos with them since approximately year 2005. I worked as a event photographer in woman’s magazine for many years and have a lot of experience in batch photo/video editing with opensource tools like imagemagick, darktable, etc. Event streaming and publishing articles on cryptoblogs is another casual task along with making presentations and lectures.

DESIGN — Tabletop game development


Not only a computer & tabletop game player, but also a developer!

I can’t say I’m too proud of the computer games I created, but if we talk about tabletop games - here you are! Together with my Rostov mates we developed a conspiracy game and now we are searching for a market for this game.

AUDIT — Networks, software and hardware analysis

Being a network technician and skilled in microelectronics, too.

As a network security specialist and can help in a variety of situations such as performing a local/wireless network security audit, searching for important data or lost passwords, regaining access, etc. I can execute a forensics/security test of your web/application to ensure that it hasn’t serious security issues. Also I have experience in reverse-engeneering and anylizing the android applications, linux desktop software and websites.

HARDWARE — Devices development (3D printing, drones, smart homes and matrix screen solutions)

We did supplied a smart home and matrix screen solutions in my home market (Rostov-on-Don); developed a drone

Speaking about smart homes and built-in devices, I worked with automation and ARM electronics such as Raspberry/Arduino/OrangePi in case for different projects such as 3D printing or drones. I’ve build a large octocopter that can handle 8 kilograms and performs as professional aerial photography drone for less than 500$. I also worked a lot also with access control with RFID/NFC, Raspberry Pi, Bluetooth, OBDII, wifi and X11 stacks. If you need affordable matrix screen for your office or home - easily done! And the most important - I know how to combine all systems together in solid solution. As for smart home soultions, look at the “ECOLOGY” section. Our work is published online by me and the team. Also, we developed a turn-key solutions for small data-centers like cryptocurrency mining farms. There we managed to develop an effictive HVAC system along with power distrubution, packaging, security, remote control etc.

INVEST — Crowdfunding (fiat & crypto)

While I worked with local startupers, [we launched several crowdfunding campaigns](

As a supporter, I funded 10+ projects on different platforms and started my own projects, too. I also build a small wikipedia about crowdfunding.

FINTECH — Payment systems & Cryptocurrency projects

Crypto-projects, from small to large scale

Payments systems development, including bitcoins and altcoins (and also, webmoney, paypal, okpay, and others). I’ve owned a small hand-build mining farm, helped building a farm for 1000 GPUs as an architect; traded bitcoins, written my own bitcoin trading robots. Used mining pools and online altcoin exchanges. I’ve also made some publications on that, and made several presentations on different forums. With my team of coders, we helped run several ICOs and wrote some of the cryptocurrency-related web platforms. Also I’ve managed to gather & categorize links to more than 1000 of crytocurrency-related projects and published them on online wiki “”. As stated in the “HARDWARE” section, we developed three mining farms, one of which is handling more than 1000 GPUs total. In my local city, I’ve managed to gather people and created a META DAO, which was acting as cryptostartup accelerator. Someday we hope to make a cryptocurrency bank where people will have their full control on everything, as long as fair cryptocompetitor to booking/airbnb services.

BLOGGING — Writing an articles to crypto-blogs

Cryptoblogging on more than 12 graphene/steem-alike blockchain blogging platforms.

Important to mention that I am also expert in system analysis and software/internet researches. I have several publications and researches on different topics. I’ve developed own methodologies to perform different kinds of research. Scroll down to see different links to my cryptoblogs.

TRANSLATION — Making software globally accessible

I'm native russian but still speak and translate english quite well. Currently also I'm learning norwegian, and i can understand a little spanish and italian.

That’s why I helped teams like Rockbox, WhyLinuxIsBetter and other software/websites to translate their content to/from Russian.

MANAGEMENT — Leading a teams of developers and sales

Launched an electric vehicles community in my local region, started a development of EV charger

I am manager of a MYEV and METANETWORK workgroups which are in charge of all of these projects. Some other projects include webservices for navigation (maps), improving user experience, helping users to understand programming, computer stuff and opensource software. Also, we are with my teams developing several linux distributions: one for embedding into electric cars, another one for web terminals/jukeboxes/gameboxes, and another one for desktops and laptops (mainstream users). I have many solutions in different situations that can be used as a templates - that is why I am working fast and efficient. My most important management project is METANETWORK, where I’m trying to create a network of coordinated help, interaction and exchange between people along with voting system, AI scoring and more.

EVENTS — Organising & taking part in events

I took part in a hundreds of events and then decided that I'm ready to make own events

Sometimes I take my time to give presentations, join different innovations forums (like Seliger), make open seminars, courses, webinars etc. I’ve translated several english-only courses to Russian and presented them (an example: 6 week-length course from IDEO and +Acumen called “Human-Centered Design Methodology” (HCD)). I was taking active part in education life of southern part of Russia, being also a member of TED community here. I am in-touch with regional Linux user group (LUG), Alt Linux team, IT61 rostov regional IT community, FabLab community and others. As for forums, I’ve participated as a speaker, visitor, and organiser on more than 100 Russian and international events, forums, including ones about technology, multimedia, news, modern cities, society and innovations, phylosophy, psychology, crypto, and more - across whole Russia including very long distance spots (e.g. Irkutsk). In the beginning of 2018 we’ve made a cryptohackathon with 7,500$ prizefund.

TEACHING — Experience in university and colledge

Being a student's teacher for few years

I’ve developed my own teaching methodology with a lot of presentations (both from me and from students), experience exchange and practice. Students loved me a lot and some of them later formed my development sub-teams. I’ve also took part in TEDx events, speaked in different univercities about ecological problems. Students are still using my materials from time to time, I also published an small interactive book on scripting.

ECOLOGY — Solar roofs, electric cars, smart home hardware development

Nice thing to do, if you have an old ICE car and want to save it.

Also I am working with multiple (mostly these can be called ‘offline’) projects, featuring ecology as the most important option: we develop electric cars and smart homes solutions. Speaking about electric cars, we are working towards selling EVs, converting gasoline cars to EVs, and also selling parts and servicing electric cars, providing electric cars with onboard clever PC with navigation, safety features etc. Speaking about smart homes, I developed complex solutions to provide customers with eco-house with zero-emission, clever ventilation, lighting and electricity system, and much more. Smart home solutions also included solar panels and solar collector controlling systems. For all mentioned tasks I use free and opensource software. I can summarize myself as open hardware and open software geek/addict/software freedom activist. I am also voting for privacy, security, constitution, freedom of the word and thought, and I am member of Pirate Party in Russia and worldwide. I believe in future resource-based balanced communism without religions, money and wars.